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Eco Friendly Facts

Every newly manufactured toner cartridge and inkjet cartridge requires about 1 pint of oil for production. It's estimated that 900 million inkjet cartridges and 500 million toner cartridges are created each year. That's a lot of oil! It gets worse when considering only 25% of cartridges are recycled. The damage to our environment is all too apparent. Support the use of less oil in ink cartridges by buying recycled and eco friendly ink cartridges from Dolphin Blue.

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About Our Products

In 1994 Dolphin Blue began offering environmentally friendly, recycled and "green" office supplies such as printing paper, card stock, laser toner and inkjet cartridges, post consumer recycled paper, organizers, file folders, pocket folders and other green eco-friendly office supplies and printed stationery items

In 2013, Dolphin Blue expanded our eco friendly product offerings to include Children's Toys, Pet Products, School Supplies and Garden Products.

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