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Sustainability Links


Dolphin Blue is pleased to publish or re-publish thought-provoking articles that often challenge conventional thinking about what actions are needed to protect the sustainability of the Earth. Below are links to the articles.

Petition to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Response from FedEx
by Tom Kemper, Founder and CEO of Dolphin Blue

An Alternative to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce
by Janet Pomeroy, President, Green Chamber of Commerce

UPS Broadens Availability of Carbon Offset Option
from UPS Press Release

A Solution to the Problem of Global Warming
by Thomas Manaugh, PhD

The Sustainability Advantage
by Bob Willard

Energetic Costs of Nuclear Power
from Nuclear Power is Not the Answer
by Helen Caldicott

Globalisation Versus Community
by Helena Norberg-Hodge

Sustainability and Politics
An Interview with Wes Jackson

What is a moral level of consumption?
by Robert Jensen

Earth Day Cometh and Earth Day Goeth And Where have all the Bees Gone?
Earth Day Report by Captain Paul Watson, Seashepherd.org

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man -- Excerpt
by John Perkins

Report on Environmentally Responsible Product Development at Xerox Corporation
by Patty Calkins