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About Us

Responsible Stewardship of our Earth's Resources through Conscientious Purchasing of Everyday Business, Home, School, and Garden Supplies.

Dolphin Blue is a certified B Corporation firm based in Dallas, TX, FOUNDED in 1994 on the belief we can all be responsible in what we use. Our products contain, at minimum, 20% post-consumer recycled material whenever possible (material used by you or another concerned individual, recycled through an office or home recycling collection program, used in the manufacturing of a new product, or re-processed to its current state), or, if having no recycled content, are sustainably manufactured to environmental standards exceeding the standards of competitive products. In all cases, products offered by Dolphin Blue are manufactured with a minimal carbon footprint.

Our packages and labels are made using only post-consumer recycled materials or, are recovered from prior use for re-use, are printed using only soy and vegetable-based inks, and are 100% recyclable. Switching to our products is simple and affordable!

We provide a portion of our profits annually to local chapters of environmental non-profits, those contributions being directed by our customers.

We can all do business in a manner that conserves our resources, and it doesn't have to cost more. Dolphin Blue is committed to making that goal easier and affordable for all of us.

Dolphin Blue supports initiatives that foster education and awareness in issues of sustainability, energy alternatives, organic agriculture, reducing waste, and using less stuff. As such, we are honored to be associated with organizations such as B Corporation, American Sustainable Business Council, Green Chamber of Commerce, Carbonfund.org, EPA Green Power Partner, Chlorine Free Products Association, North Texas Clean Air Coalition, Green Source DFW, and the Voluntary Renewable Energy Coalition.

Every item offered by Dolphin Blue is as environmentally responsible as is attainable, and all items offered by Dolphin Blue are made in the USA. Some remanufactured toner cartridge items we offer are made in Canada. We strive to offer only items manufactured in the USA to minimize the carbon footprint and to sustain a healthy and vibrant US economy.


To serve as your trusted source of the world’s most environmentally and socially responsible products - to assure your well being and a healthy, sustainable planet.


We respect your right to privacy...

We at Dolphin Blue understand that in today's commerce-driven globe, information is valuable, and of utmost importance to us, is your privacy. Your information is YOUR private property.

We have chosen to use Authorize.Net to securely process all transactions occurring on our site.

We will never share your information with any organization or individual, for any reason whatsoever.

Any information you provide while making a transaction on our site is encrypted and secure.

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