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McKibben Statement

Since Dolphin Blue introduced a petition to the US Chamber of Commerce in February, much has been happening. Many organizations (Power Shift, Green Chamber of Commerce, 350.org, and fouryearsgo) now are vocally active against the US Chamber's anti-environmental policies.

Briefly, here is the crux of our cause. The US Chamber has:

  • Utilized significant anonymous corporate donations to smear the political campaigns of politicians who defend environmental protection laws.
  • Funded think tanks that use cherry-picked facts to sow doubt and confusion about increasing global warming, in spite of solid science that presents proof.
  • Hired a legal firm that engaged in developing plans to use cyber-war tactics to undermine the credibility of individuals and organizations that are critical of anti-environmental Chamber activities.

Please speak up! Signing the petition below will deliver your voice as a part of a larger group. We promise no spam, just an occasional update on the status of this effort. You can make a difference by letting US Chamber board members know that you are concerned about how the organization represents American businesses -- businesses that you patronize or in which your mutual fund may own shares.

Note: We have no argument with the thousands of local Chambers of Commerce that promote local businesses and give small businesses a place to network with their peers. They deliver valuable services.

Please sign the following petition. Your signature will strengthen the hands of those members of the Chamber's board of directors who are environmentally minded. Your participation will make a difference!

Petition to the US Chamber of Commerce

The US Chamber of Commerce aspires to serve as a representative for over three million businesses, both large and small. Those are businesses we, the US taxpayers, patronize or own.

On a local level, the Chamber of Commerce supports many laudable programs for communities and small businesses. We urge the US Chamber of Commerce to play a comparably productive role at the national level.

Below are principles and strategies we urge the Chamber to manifest in its work. Thank you for your attention to our concerns and suggestions.

We urge the US Chamber of Commerce to . . .

1. Support politicians who are protectors of the environment. Jobs and profits are worthy goals, and we need to support those who want to achieve economic goals and preserve our natural environment while endowing our descendents with the ability to enjoy a livable existence.

2. Heed a near-unanimous agreement among scientists that global warming is caused by burning fossil fuels.

3. Support an exponential increase in energy production from clean, renewable sources like wind and solar. This must be done quickly because effects of global warming are apparent and may have already reached levels of irreversibility (e.g., melting of glaciers and increasing rise in sea levels in many coastal lands).

4. Support regulations that make deep-water drilling for oil and gas much safer, preventing environmental disasters.

5. Support regulations increasing CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) standards.

6. Support protection of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, one of the world's only remaining pristine ecological preserves.

7. Support stricter, meaningful regulation by federal agencies over air emissions and water pollution. It is far more sustainable to protect and preserve clean and healthy air, water, and food for people, than to continue protecting profits for the few.

Before you sign the petition below, we invite you to use this optional comments box to share with your friends on Facebook your thoughts about environmental protections and the US Chamber of Commerce.

Sign the Petition

If you support these principles, and will join us in urging the US Chamber of Commerce to change its behavior, please provide your information below:

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