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Environmentally Responsible Product Development at Xerox Corporation


by Patty Calkins, Vice President of Environment

Xerox Corporation's decision to open the state-of-the-art EA Toner plant in Webster, N.Y. is part of the company's commitment to invest in the manufacturing of technologies that give the company and its customers a competitive edge. This chemically produced toner -- a Xerox patented approach -- has significant environmental benefits. A page printed using EA Toner uses a total of 60 percent to 70 percent less energy than a page printed with conventional toner. In addition to requiring less energy for manufacturing and printing, it leads to improved print quality, less toner usage, and less toner waste. It is already used in more than a dozen Xerox products.

Additionally, the new EA Toner plant is Xerox's most energy efficient building to date. The five-story building has more than 3,000 sensors that feed information about temperature, humidity, air flow and other variables into a networked system. Depending on what's happening in the plant, entire zones of the building may be shut off to reduce energy use. EA Toner is a great example of Xerox's long-standing commitment to environmental sustainability. We see it as an integral part of developing products, serving customers and posting profits. It is not a cost of doing business, but as a way of doing business, and we have been committed to working this way for decades.

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