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Petition to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Response from FedEx

By Tom Kemper, Founder and CEO of Dolphin Blue

Over 300 people have signed a petition to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that is sponsored by Dolphin Blue, Inc. We have begun to share results of the petition with corporations that are represented on the Board of Directors of the Chamber. Already, we have had an expression of interest from one of those corporations, FedEx. FedEx is a corporation that has been a leader in taking steps to reduce the the impact of its business activities on the environment.

Here is the response from FedEx ...


Those who signed our petition and left comments took an important step. They have had a voice in holding accountable the Chamber and those corporations who have a responsibility to see that the Chamber acts responsibly. It cannot be tolerated that the Chamber continues to spend many millions of dollars to aggressively advance policies that degrade the ability of planet Earth to support life.

Over the course of the next year we will continue to collect signatures and to pass along to the Chamber's members the outspoken, unedited comments of those who sign. Below are displayed the unedited comments of signatories to date.

Comments ...

2011 is an important year for all to advocate towards a shift in thinking 
and to act in defense of our natural resources. The earth is not ours to own 
and use up, it is ours to protect for future generations. Any other philosophy 
is unsustainable to all life forms. Thanks to Dolphin Blue for sponsoring this 
petition drive.

A nation where people cannot eat, drink, or breathe safely is not a good place
for business.

A smart business person never shits where they sleep or eat.

all the best

All you have to do is go outside and stay there for a few days to know 
we need to stop this insanity. The climate is changing overnight. You HAVE
to stop. Today.

Amen! We all need to support this!

As a life long entrepreneur and owner of multiple small businesses over the
years, the retrograde positions of national "business advocacy" 
organizations have always frustrated me... the Chamber's policies in this area 
do not represent me, or the small business owners I know.

As a small business owner, I strongly urge the US Chamber of Commerce
to support environmental protection laws and policies. We need these policies
to protect our businesses long and short term, and we need them to protect 
American business in general.

At long last, have you no sense of decency?

chamber is nothing more than an arm of the republican party

Corporate GREED is killing our world, please end your support of GREED! 
Instead please support “green” organizations and “green” thinking. Convert 
to Methane for "local" electrical power generation, and clean burning 
“green” fuel that is replenished daily. Plant trees to correct out CO2 balance and 
to produce Oxygen (O2), and become vegetarian to stop deforestation. Doing 
these things, and actively supporting people who do these things, will help our 
planet survive a little longer.

Do your job for your constituents, a.k.a. We The Real People (Big Biz can 
take care of themselves and their shareholders!)

Forget fossil fuels and the old dinosaur Nuclear reactors. If any nuclear reactors
need to be used, OUR scientists created and designed the safer and renewable IFR's. And 

other than that, we shoudl be retooling by now for wind and solar power
industrail palnts to make the needed components. We need to move into the futuere 
and stop being afraid of leaving the past ways behind. The sooner we get rid of fossil
fuel based cars/vehicles and energy, the sooner we can extract form the violence 
occuring on the mid-east and lwet them know we have NO interest in that kind of violence.
(They'll be on thier own to sink or swim!)

From hydrolic Fracturing to plastic pollution, to dangerous nuclear energy... 
Do many toxic behavior threatening us all! It must stop for all of us! 

Great idea! Wish somebody had thought of this sooner.


How about supporting companies give the countries they deliver their e-waste too the knowledge 

and tools to handle the materials correctly

Please advise on the above, SOONEST !!

http //www.change.org/petitions/end-usnato-war-crimes-and-abuses-of-power
I agree with this petition whole heartedly! 

I am disgusted with the control the Chamber has acquired. If they want
long term economic development and more jobs, look no further than the 
green technology businesses. Our environment is more important than 
corporate profits for shareholders and extravagant CEO's.

I am young. I vote. My generation and all that follow will have to deal with 
TODAYs policies and back room deals. Thanks for your time. 
I believe in the free market & capitalism - but, unregulated, it is self-destructing. 
Besides environmental dangers - entropy is setting in for several reasons: 
1) True investment is investing in something one believes in - not gambling on whether 
a stock will go up or down in X days. 
2) Corporations need to look past next quarters bottom line. 
3) Corporations should be responsible to 
employees & customers - as well as investors & execs.
4) It has become more profitable for companies to focus on marketing 
& advertising vs. quality - Flying in the face of the real strength of the free market. 
5) If all the $s flow to the top - you've lost your consumers. Need I go on?

I used to be a Chamber member. NO longer. You are radical.

I was a member of the Bastrop, TX chamber for several years before 
withdrawing this year because of their support of the environmental 
policies of the National Chamber. I am still a member of Smithville, 
TX Chamber because they are not affiliated with the National Chamber. 
We need the National Chamber to act in a responsible manner on its own 
climate change policy and realize that there is a price to be paid for environmental 
resources and ecological services that have been taken from society at no cost to
many large businesses that you currently protect. 

In highschool, at Northfield Mount Hermon, I remember learning that the words ecology 
and economy shared the same root word, "eco," meaning home. 
This fact did more to help me see the connection between needing to take 
care of both our economy and our planet than nearly anything else. It dawned on me 
that if we take better care of our home, it will be that much more likely to take better
care of us. It really is as simple as this.

It has been shown time and time again that good business and environmental protection 
are not mutually exclusive. The MANY costs of mistreating and neglecting the environment
have also been demonstrated time and again. Please do the right thing and support 
sustainable businesses and the appropriate regulations and incentives to encourage them.

It is everyone's responsibility to be good stewards of the earth. Sometimes people just need
the push from federal agencies to understand the value. Regarding item number 3, we need
a consistent approach across the country on granting of solar access easements. Only 37 
states have anything at all, and some feel they need to wait for the federal push for this!

It is in the interest of all to follow the Precautionary Principle in all development and 
business practices- even the notorious big polluters will achieve their “bottom line” if they 
preserve and find alternatives to their destructive methods and processes.

It seems that clean air has become a politically charged subject and since the Chamber 
seems intent on ensuring that polluters continue to pollute freely, to the detriment of the 
rest of us, I suggest that there is something that you can all do for the good of the planet
- stop breathing.

Let's became less dependent on foreign oil! Life on this planet clearly demands healthy 
sustainable exchanges of energy and so do humans. We demand an econmy based on 
sustainable energy, especially for the sake of future generations!

Life on this planet clearly demands sustainable exchanges of energy and so do human 
consumers. A Green Economy is a win/win for people, industry and planet, especially if 
we sincerely care about future generations.

Lobbying for less regulation for polluters, passes the costs of pollution on to everybody
else, individuals and businesses in terms of health and environmental damage. It is far 
cheaper for us all to support measures to protect the environment in the first place!

More and more consumers are choosing to support local, sustainable, and 
environmentally-friendly businesses. Hopefully, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will
recognize that the collective voice of these consumers means that they would be wise to 
proactively support businesses that match these values.

My small business depends on strong efforts to protect our natural capital. Thanks for 
your support.

My wife and I have a Prius and geothermal heat. We try to leave the smallest footprint
we can.

No more tridium leaks or coal would be my suggestion!

Our local C of C is a fine group and very supportive to small businesses. I'd like to
join but am chary of any association with the national group, which I believe is doing 
a grave disservice to Americans with its reactionary policies.

Please be a positive role model so we can all be proud to be members of our Chamber
of Commerces!

Please help.

Please listen to us.

Please sign petition at movetoamend.org as well.

Please support this.

Put morality back into business. Work toward American prosperity instead of corporate 
greed for a change.

Rail Transportation is the most environmentally friendly form of transportation. 
We need to fully support the work of introducing high speed rail (186mph+trains linking 
medium distance cities (250-600 miles distance)). As Executive Vice President of 
TRRHC I am pleased to sign this petition. Our freight railroads continue to do an 
EXCELLENT job of moving freight accross the Nort American continent. Leys support 
any legislation the makes it easier for them to do so.

Since most people on this planet know the industry today is a dead end and killing 
all of us. I thought I would mention there is a law that prohibits suicide! Hello Out there..

since people have seemed to lose the desire to do the right thing... instead seek after 
temporary rewards and profits... it is nessicary that everyone work togther with whatever 
colective power they can use... to take a stand for what is right... encorage others to do 
what is right... and togther start and advance positive change movments that even the
near sighted will come to apreaciate shall they live long enought to see these fruits that 
we are planting the seeds of now, come into full harvest.

Small business has been the backbone of America. Immigrants from all walks of 
life built this country. They are the progeniors of small business, and it seems to be a lost
art. Support small business and give them the space to grow.

Someone has to stop this bullshit. If Congress will not do it, then you need to !!! 
Stop supporting candidates that go easy on polluters or we'll stop buying your products
and avoid any chamber companies.


Support clean burning Methane instead of fossil fuel! It is Green and renewed daily. 
The fastest cars in the world run on it and it produces 0 (zero) hydrocarbons when burned! 
Naturally clean Methane instead of Fossil fuels!!!

Thank you for being pioneers in the corporate business community.Thank you for caring 
for our planet,as we do we join you in supporting this important petition.Me and my wife
Mary love Natural products and natural living.As christians we will support your company 
in prayer for Gods Eternal Grace,Favor and Prosperity.God's Rich blessings.

Thank you for the work you do every day, and thank you for your guidance in protecting 
our environment - our natural capitol now an in the future.

The Chamber of Commerce has abandoned it's original principles! I respectfully 
suggest that you change direction, forthwith!

The Chamber of Commerce is currently viewed as a superstitious and anti-life 
organization by people who respect science and the environment. You appear
to value short term profit over all else, even life itself. This narrow minded view 
will lead nowhere but self destruction, sooner or later. If you prefer to cling to your
beliefs instead of accepting the truths that climate science is discovering, that is 
your choice. But you will be left behind as the reality of the situation becomes more 
obvious to more people every year. And if you prevent our government from 
protecting its people from the effects of climate change, it won't just hurt billions of 
people all over the world, it will hurt you too and all the businesses you represent. 
I personally will boycott every company that is a member of the U.S. Chamber of
Commerce until you join the fight for the survival of Americans, civilization, and 
life on earth. Don't continue to be the enemy of life. It will only end in the death of 
your organization, and even the deaths of the rest of us. Is that really what you 
want to work for! Really!!!!!

The Chamber of Commerce should stand for and represent what is best in 
American business and enterprise.

The time to save our planet is running out more quickly than most of us understand. 
We need MORE regulation for environmental concerns before it's too late! Once 
the damage is irreparable, where will we go, how will we live, or will we go the way 
of the dinosaur? Act NOW to safeguard our Mother Earth!!!

This is a serious matter. We need to work even harder to Save our Planet.

This is like Obama asking you to be patriotic. No one really expects you'll do it.

This is not a dictatorship country it is America for the people by the people and 
corporations have no rights.

True business success requires sustainability.

US Businesses need to become part of the solution, not remain part of the problem. 
Thanks for your work on this.

US Chamber of Commerce -- quit messing with our planet and with our election process

US Chamber of Commerce the most important thing in our world is to have a healthy 
environment without it nothing else matters!

We also need to petition for legislation about the reduction of food waste through 
waste diversion. My company is in a campaign to help sustainable agriculture in 
North Carolina by helping to send them organic feed for hogs.

We must all live on this Planet Earth. We destroy the food web at our own peril. 
Please stop and think long term.

We must take care of what we have left. Money will mean nothing when everything 
else is gone.

We need to think of our child's future to come

We only have one earth.

What a great opportunity busisnesses would have here. The Chamber of 
Commerce should be eager to tap into this.

Who stands to profit if the Earth is destroyed? Only those who do not 
depend on it's resources, that's who.

Yes, it is far more sustainable to protect and preserve clean and healthy air, water, and 
food for people, than to continue protecting profits for the few --and inevitably it's less 
costly to taxpayers, and to humanity, as well!

You already have us buying water because so much of it is polluted. Is the air 
we breathe next!

you unamerican traitors should cease and decease from messomg up the 
environment any more then what it is our forefathers must berolling in there 
graves at the sight of your greedy sumbs behavior