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Using 100% post consumer recycled and Processed Chlorine Free Remittance Envelopes and Mailing Envelopes benefits all of us:

  • Substantial energy savings – 95% of the energy used to make virgin, non-recycled papers.
  • Oxygen-producing forest habitat preservation, thereby protecting other species.
  • Elimination of pollution, such as dioxins, furans, organochlorines – all known to cause adverse human health effects.
  • A cleaner world and habitat for all species, human and non-human, both those now here, as well as future generations, promoting bio-diversity.
  • Long-lasting ecological value, assisting in creation of a world in balance, socially and environmentally.
  • Printed Remittance Envelopes are special-make items, requiring minimum 25-28 days to complete delivery.