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CD/DVD Sleeves

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Store and protect your CD’s and DVD’s, while preserving the planet with recycled CD/DVD cases from Dolphin Blue. All of our eco-friendly CD and DVD cases are FSC-certified, and made in the USA from 80% post-consumer waste fiber. Each recycled and recyclable CD and DVD case is available with or without a flap or window, and is offered in quantities of 25 cases per box.

  • CD/DVD Sleeve, 4'' Circular Window, Pull-Tab Perforated Self-Seal Flap, 5'' x 5'', White,
  • CD/DVD Sleeve, Pull-Tab Perforated Self-Seal Flap, No Window, 5'' x 5'', White
  • CD/DVD Sleeve, 4'' Circular Window, 5'' x 5'', White, 80% PCR, Box/25 Sleeves
  • CD/DVD Sleeve, Without Window or Flap, 5'' x 5'', White Recycled