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Our Customers  Say . . . 

"Received my beautiful envelopes this week and I just love them. Classy and clean looking AND helping the environment.  What more could I ask for?! Thank you and hope to do business again with you."

Barbara (www.wagalot.com

FiberCraft EF durable, tear-resistant envelopes -- the only durable envelope made with 68% post consumer recycled material. Available printed and unprinted. 250 per carton, with Zip-Stick self-seal flap.

Ideal for shipping t-shirts, binders, jeans, any other soft or rigid item needing protection from normal wear and tear and the elements. For a printed image of this envelope, click here (1-color sample or 4-color sample).

Expansion Envelope, V-Bottom Style

  • Reinforced with polyester fiber to resist tearing
  • Resists moisture with polyethylene lamination, protecting what’s inside during humid or wet conditions
  • Rigid 2-ply kraft paper provides easy handling and stuffing, surface allows high-quality, distortion-free printing
  • Heavy-weight, 33 lb. lamination of two kraft paper sheets and polyester fiber
  • Available sizes: 10x13x1 1/2 Expansion Style and 12x16x2 Expansion Style

NOTE, on PRINTED orders of:

  • 1000 or less, variation of “Plus or Minus” 35% applies
  • 2500 or less, variation of “Plus or Minus” 25% applies
  • 5000 or less, variation of “Plus or Minus” 20% applies
  • 10000 or less, variation of “Plus or Minus” 15% applies
  • 15000 or less, variation of “Plus or Minus” 10% applies
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