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Stay Fit While Keeping the Earth in Mind

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"Disposable water bottles, extra showers, and plastic-wrapped snacks may seem like wasteful byproducts of a fit life, but it doesn't have to be that way. Handy green initiatives and simple swaps make eco-friendly fitness a possibility, whether you work out in the gym, like to run outside, or prefer at-home sweat sessions. Here are four simple tips for greening your fitness:

1. Use a reusable water bottle
Plastic water bottles are a huge environmental pollutant, yet Americans buy 29 billion of them each year, recycling only one of every six. The rest sit in landfills or trash the planet for up to 450 years before finally degrading.

Switch to a reusable water bottle instead of paying for a plastic disposable one at the gym. You can find aluminum, stainless steel, or BPA-free plastic bottles at almost any retailer these days. Keep it in your gym bag to ensure you don't forget it.

Bonus: You'll save your hard-earned cash by filling up your reusable bottle with water from the tap. The price of pre-bottled water is steep.

2. Solar-charge your gear
A workout without energizing music is like Batman without Robin"" futile.

Typically, though, blasting tunes drains your device's battery, meaning more time on the charger and more energy used. What's a planet-loving fitness junkie to do? Go solar! The idea of going completely solar can be daunting. Start small and switch to a solar-powered charger or power bank. You can purchase one of these handy devices at your local electronics store and jam out guilt-free.

If you happen to live in an area where solar-powered gyms exist, support this emerging business model. Workout equipment that generates energy to go back into the grid is another innovation making fitness more sustainable.

3. Shorten showers
Over two gallons of water are used each minute we're in the shower. That's a lot of clean H2O flowing down the drain. Next time you twist that nozzle after a workout, keep that in mind.

There's no doubt that losing yourself in a refreshing shower after a training session is heavenly. Just try to cut down on water usage and master the five-minute shower. Switching to a low-flow showerhead can also do wonders.

4. Snack sustainably
Do you know what's in your pre-workout protein bar? Most snacks marketed for fitness have unsightly ingredients, making them unhealthy for both our bodies and our planet.

There are a few good brands, though. Look for ones containing organic, whole ingredients like fruit and nuts, such as Pure Organic. You can also make your own that way, you can fuel your body in a healthy, sustainable way that's still convenient for grab-and-go.

Staying fit doesn't need to conflict with your green ethos you can keep yourself and the planet healthy all at the same time."