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2008 Dolphin Blue News Archive

Thomas Kemper Spoke at Texas Woman's University (Sept. 24th 2008)
Topic: "The Importance of Civic Engagement" by Tom Kemper

Pollution Engineering (Sept. 2008)
"The Green Files" by Roy Bigham
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Government Procurement (August 2008)
"Pushing the green envelope at the U.S. Postal Service"
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Print Professional Magazine (July 2008)
"In Pursuit of Sustainability" by Tom Kemper
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Entrepreneur (July 2008)
"Trash Talks" by JJ Ramberg
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(also published on US News and World Report's Web site)

Virginia Review (March/April 2008)
"What Else is Your Locality Doing to Be Green?" by Tom Kemper
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Paper, Film & Foil Converter (March 2008)
"Labels Are Environmentally Sound"
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Adhesives & Sealants (Jan. 2008)
"Dolphin Blue, Pinnacle Label enter agreement to market and sell the industry's first 100%-recyclable printing label"
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Government Procurement (Jan. 2008)
"Recycled, recyclable, chlorine-free cut-sheet printer labels available on GSA Schedule 75" by Josh Cable
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Virginia Review (Jan. Feb. 2008)
"So, You Want Your Town to be Green?" by Tom Kemper
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Dallas CEO (Dec. 2008)
"Dolphin Blue Turns Office Products Green" by Jessica Jones
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