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Rigid DVD/CD/Photo Mailers

Recycled Photo Mailers, Document Mailers, Disk Mailers, CD/DVD Mailers from Dolphin Blue are 100% recycled, and made from a minimum of 40% post-consumer material, with many containing as much as 95% post-consumer recycled fiber.   

  • CD Disk mailers are foam lined and constructed from a rigid fiberboard, providing excellent protection for any CD, DVD, or fragile document. 
  • Rigid Mailers feature heavy gauge board and tuck in flaps to offer superior protection without the use of stiffeners.  Perfect for photos, artwork, diplomas and any document that shouldn't bend or fold. 
  • Recycled DVD/CD Mailer
    Recycled DVD/CD Mailer $44.99 Choose Options
    Disk/CD Mailers with Foam Lining  Made with 100% recycled, minimum 55% post consumer recycled material,  Whiteboard for durability  Smooth antistatic, foam lining protects media. 25/box.  Multiple...
    Recycled DVD/CD Mailer
  • Recycled Photo Document Mailer
    Recycled Photo Document Mailer $43.99 Choose Options
    25 Qty. Photo/Document Mailers -- Extra-rigid 26 pt. fiberboard mailer protects photos and documents --  100% recycled with minimum 95% post consumer material --  Open-end style (opens on right side of address...
    Recycled Photo Document Mailer