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Appointment Planners

Dolphin Blue offers House of Doolittle Appointment Planners in a wide variety of formats including monthly planners, weekly planners, and daily planners.  Group planners are also available.  Both calendar and academic year products are featured.  All House of Doolittle Calendars are made in the USA from 100% Post Consumer Recycled fiber and are printed with soy inks, to assure that you stay green every day. Can't find your eco-friendly appointment calendar or planner? Use the search bar above. 


When you buy from Dolphin Blue, you're truly supporting and helping the environment.

  • We're the leader in selling only sustainable, eco-friendly products and those made in the USA
  • We support and are a true friend to the environment
  • We ship most of our products once, directly from the manufacturer to save on fuel costs and harmful pollution
  • We use wind energy to provide our electricity needs. 
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  • House of Doolittle (HOD520) Monthly Journal 7 x 10
  • House of Doolittle (HOD522) Monthly Format Planner/Journal 7 x 10
  • House of Doolittle (HOD5226) Breast Cancer Awareness Monthly/Journal 7 x 10
  • 2015 House of Doolittle (HOD522705) Breast Cancer Awareness Academic Monthly/ Journal
  • House of Doolittle (HOD522992) Monthly Meeting Planner 8 1/2 x 11
  • House of Doolittle (HOD523) LANDSCAPES Monthly Format Planner 7 x 10
  • House of Doolittle (HOD524) Landscapes Monthly Format Planner 8-1/2 x 11
  • House of Doolittle (HOD58807) Non-dated Daily Appointment Planner 8-1/2 x 11