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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is your fertilizer natural?
  • Our crab shell organic fertilizer is all crab. Rather than discarding the shell after harvesting its meat, we make it available to gardeners who want a fertilizer that works exceptionally well to fertilize plants and to protect them from fungi and nematodes.
  • Is your organic fertilizer made in the USA?
  • Yes, it is American made. All the products sold by Dolphin Blue are made in the United States of America.
  • Is your fertilizer suitable for organic vegetable gardens?
  • Yes, the fertilizer is completely free of any chemicals that could accumulate and cause environmental or health problems. The fertilizer can be used confidently and to good effect for vegetable gardens.
  • Is your product suitable for use on lawns, around trees, and in flower gardens?
  • Absolutely! There is virtually no indoor or outdoor location where plants grow that our 100% natural product will not contribute to healthy soil and healthy plant growth.
  • What are the nutrients found in crab shells and are they safe?
  • The natural nutrients found in crab shells have been used safely in organic farming for many years.

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