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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My cat sleeps with me on my bed, but I want him to start sleeping in a cat bed. How should I train him to stay off my bed?
  • Gently remove him from your bed and place him in his own bed. Putting a toy there and spending some time to pet him will help him to find the pet bed an acceptable alternative to your bed. Putting a little catnip on the bed might also help.
  • Should I buy a cat bed for a kitten?
  • Of course. Kittens will grow, so you may want to buy a cat bed that is large enough for a full-grown cat. That will be a fine place for your kitten to sleep, and it will be large enough to include a snuggly blanket and several toys. Don't encourage your kitten to sleep in bed with you unless you want to go through a re-learning period when the kitten turns into a cat and you want your cat to sleep in its own bed.
  • Can this dog or cat bed be used as a mattress?
  • Yes, this bed is perfect for traveling down the street or for a long road trip. Your dog and cat will love spending time on this durable Eco Nap product
  • Is there a size restriction on this eco-friendly bed?
  • No, the bed can accommodate dogs and cats of all sizes from small, medium, large, and even extra large. Simply refer to the sizing guide in the product description.

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