Green Blowback in Six Steps

Blowback is a concept that usually refers to a negative consequence that occurs because of implementing a particular national policy.

However, blowback can be positive; and we should set our sights on facilitating positive blowback that furthers a green agenda. Below are steps we could take to facilitate blowback that…

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One thought on “Green Blowback in Six Steps

  1. There has been a similar situation here in the UK with the Feed-in tariff scheme designed to promote the use of solar. Initially designed to kick start the UK solar economy it has inadvertently lead to a government review which resulted in the announcement of impending cuts in the FIT rates.

    The emergency review was initiated due to the popularity of the scheme performing way beyond expectations and threatening to surpass the original budgeted predictions.

    As a direct result of the announcement a solar rush ensued as consumers rushed to be the date that the tariff rates were cut. The end result being installations shot up to 30,000 a week defeating the object of the tariff cut leading to a boom and bust scenario in a matter of weeks.

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