Clean Air Action Day 2015

Image source: North Texas Hardwood Floors

It’s the first Friday of Summer! Do you know what that means? Today is Clean Air Action Day!

For the 6th year in a row, North Texans take action to help improve air quality in their communities and throughout North Texas by either taking public transit for the day, walking or telecommuting! If you have no idea what you can do to help, just go to Air North Texas website and see 21 different actions they have listed for you to do today and every day!

This year, Air North Texas is also debuting their new mascot, Arlo the Airmadillo, to help spread the word about air quality. Arlo is a proud Texas native whose alma mater is the University of Texas at Arlington.

He loves to spend quality time outdoors with his family and friends and his favorite hobbies are cycling and playing baseball.

Alro does his part to help our air quality by carpooling with his friends, cycling or taking the public transit to get to school.

What clean air choices will you make today?

Don’t forget to log in and share what you, your friends and family are doing to celebrate Clean Air Action Day by going to the Air North Texas website. (


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