Give Our Government A Backbone!

Our friends over at Post Carbon Institute recently wrote a blog entitled “What’s it Going to TaketoBeat BIG OIL? 537 Spines.” In the post, they write, “Clearly our nation’s leaders haven’t found the backbone to stand up to Big Oil and break our addiction to fossil fuels, so we’re asking you to lend them yours.” And they mean it, literally!

They also need your help. If you want to have your voice heard, click on the link below and participate. Along with sending a toy spine in your name to your government officials, they, “will also include an optional statement from you, to our leaders, about what you are doing in your life to kick the fossil fuel habit. We’lll be documenting our backbone shipments in pictures and videos that will be uploaded to the PCI Facebook page, so keep an eye out on this campaign’s progress.”

Please help by giving our government a backbone!


Cleaning Up Oil With Hay

I received the link shown below from a friend yesterday, and, I’d have to agree with my friend Margie.

This is a very simple, straightforward solution to a current and continued future problem we are all facing at some level.


As our recent guest blogger, Thomas Manaugh, Ph.D. exhorts, we should end our addiction to oil, and do so promptly.

However, until that day finally comes, there are some simple and effective ways to clean up the enormous mess created by oil spills, like the one now out of control in the Gulf of Mexico. This seems to be an effective and fairly “green” solution to the challenge.

Thomas Kemper is the Founder and President of Dolphin Blue, Inc.


Oil Spill Disaster is Act One of Two-Act Tragedy

2010’s disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Louisiana, is only Act One of a two-act tragedy.  The second act involves the disasters that will occur when we don’t spill oil but, rather, burn it.  We are on course toward seeing a world of increasing droughts and famines and inundation by oceans of most large cities and huge areas of land.

We need to replace oil with energy sources that will not contribute to global warming.

If BP had manned an ocean-based facility to generate green energy off the coast of Louisiana, both Act One and Act Two would be averted.  The US and other countries need to make a commitment not just to avert oil spills but, rather, soon not to allow fossil fuels to be extracted for burning.  An alternative energy plan exists in the form of “Energy Islands” — large, ocean-based facilities that provide green energy from water, wind and sun.  See the plan presented at Dolphin Blue’s website: .