Building it Green: Shelving & Rainwater Collection

The Kemper Tiny House almost done!

The hand-built shelfing system, where we’ll plug in our laptops, store our books, and house our music and audio, has just been completed.  Brad’s team has done an exceptional job with the detail finish work and trim, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the craftsmanship of our shelving system.

1center of bookshelf system 2kitchen cabinets3shelf system living room

In addition to the shelving, a recovered metal V-roof has just been put on our Tiny House.  It will be nice to hear the rain fall on the 80 to 100-year-old roof, and collecting the rainwater in our collection barrel.

One of the final touches on our home will be the front porch, which is almost finished as well.  Our Tiny House arrives this month, and we cannot wait to start the New Year in such as environmentally friendly, sacred structure.

To view more pictures of our Tiny House, please see our Facebook album.


2 thoughts on “Building it Green: Shelving & Rainwater Collection

  1. I really believe you have done marvelous things creating this tiny home out of used components. Wouldn’t it be great, with the current housing crisis, if builders would start thinking about doing the same things?

    • Brad Kittel, Owner & Founder of Tiny Texas Houses ( professes there is an industry waiting to be born and grown across this country. Brad will teach anyone willing to make the trip to Luling, TX, where he builds these amazing homes, just how to do what he is doing. The idea is to spur rampant recovery of valuable, existing resources, and convert those resources into high-quality, eco-conscious housing, while creating local jobs with value and meaning.

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