Best for the World 2015


For the past two years we have had the honor of standing along side 350 other Certified B Corps for Best for the World. It’s a great honor to be considered the best of the best for Best for Overall Impact and to be in the top 5 for Best for the Environment. We would like to thank you all and congratulate all the other B Corps who not only want to be the best in the world but best for the world.

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How to Plant a Bee-Friendly Garden

Bee Garden

Declines in bee populations have made headlines in recent years, both because of the possible reasons for the decline and because bees play such an integral role in ecosystems. Additionally, we rely on bees for food, since they pollinate many of the plants whose fruits and vegetables we eat. If you’re a home gardener, you can take steps to make your garden bee friendly. Doing so will not only help your plants — since the bees will pollinate many of them for you — it will also help maintain your local bee population. Continue reading